Siyu (Suzanna) Chen

Siyu (Suzanna) Chen is a Chinese-Canadian student passionate about youth leadership and disability equality in education and beyond. She leads and participates in evidence-based, high-impact initiatives towards accessible sustainable development as a Global Youth Ambassador at Theirworld, a Millennium Fellow affiliated with United Nations Academic Impact, a Youth Fellow of the LearningPlanet Alliance, and a member of prominent disabled-led organizations, including Disabled Students UK and Diversability. Believing in the impact of youth voices, Suzanna has represented disabled youth perspectives at various international platforms, including as a delegate at the UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum and the World Bank Group Youth Summit. Most recently, she wrote and delivered an intervention as an NGO representative during the 2023 UN High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), in which she advocated for more comprehensive consultation with civil society stakeholders and more inclusive data collection mechanisms in the Government of Canada’s effort towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Pok Wei Heng

Pok Wei Heng works as a climate change and sustainability consultant at EY, with a focus on sustainability strategies and modern slavery.

Pok is guided by notions of social equity, climate justice and indigenous solidarity. He is a Strategic Council Member of Climate Catalyst, a Board Member of Multiethnic Young Leaders New Zealand and a former Design Partner with the World Economic Forum on climate justice. He continues to champion the climate justice agenda through speaking at multiple high-level fora, with recent engagements including the Nobel Prize Dialogue and the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting at Davos.

Jules Simiand Brocherie

Jules Simiand Brocherie, 20 ans, est entrepreneur. Il est le fondateur du réseau social ExtraStudent, la plateforme de partage scolaire de référence entre les lycéens et étudiants français. En 2021, l’Ordre National du Mérite des Hauts-de-Seine lui décerne le Prix du Civisme et en 2022, il figure dans le palmarès Forbes des 30 leaders de moins de 30 ans.

Jules Simiand Brocherie

Jules Simiand Brocherie, 20, is an entrepreneur. He is the founder of the social network ExtraStudent, the leading academic sharing platform for french students. In 2021, the Ordre National du Mérite des Hauts-de-Seine awarded him the Prix du Civisme and in 2022, he was listed in the Forbes list of 30 leaders under 30.


Kudzai is a young development and energetic development specialist with over 6 years of international experience working with the UN, NGOs and national governments. His areas of expertise is on youth peace, safety and security. He has worked and expert advisor, consultant and project support officer for the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime since 2017. He has worked on education, youth crime prevention and criminal justice programmes in East Africa as well as anti-human trafficking in Southern Africa.

His passion is in developing sustainable and adaptive development interventions that leverage on building strong institutions, protecting communities from crime and violence and promoting peace through youth engagement. His work under the award winning Education for Justice Initiative (E4J) is testament to the importance of building robust
civic education programmes and Kudzai’s commitment to education led programmes. He looks forward to continue contributing to developing global education led initiatives as a HEFG ambassador.


Currently working as a Global Building Advisor for United World Schools, Manjeet oversees the school construction related activities for UWS globally. He is also a member of UNESCO’s SDG4Youth group which is a network of
youth and education advocates from around the world.

Manjeet has over seven years of professional experience in the development and humanitarian sector with different development organizations. His expertise lies in construction and project management. He has led the construction of over 120 health clinics, schools, and WaSH facilities in different countries.

Manjeet is a licensed Civil Engineer in Nepal with an interest in sustainable development and technology. He believes that developmental interventions should build on cultural knowledge prioritizing the locally available resources to pave a way for resilient and self-reliant communities.

Armel Azihar sly-vania

Armel is a youth Educational Activist, advocate for girls and women’s rights. She is a youth advisor to the UN TES advisor committee. She has a track record in youth engagement and media communications, she works with IMARA Comoros as a youth educator and external relations communication manager . She is GPE youth Leader and active member of the SDG4 Youth &Student network where she advocate for equal, quality and inclusive education for all. She is the country Director and deputy Head for Education and Science cluster at The Southern African youth Forum. She is a professional interpreter and founder of ATIC agency of Translation and interpretation in the Comoros islands.

Trixie Ann Bautista

Trixie Ann Bautista is a 21-year-old Filipino who is actively participating to grassroots dialogues, consultations, engagements, and community development programs for the children and youth in the Philippines. She is a BA Legal Management student at the University of Santo Tomas. As a member and focal point of the Inclusive Education Working Group of the UNESCO SDG 4 Youth Network, she brings her advocacies on child’s rights, youth empowerment, and inclusive education in the policy development with other international youth leaders and nation leaders. She works with different communities and institutions in the Philippines as the founder of the STS-Western Visayas and the former Deputy Director for External Affairs of Streets to Schools.

Eliane R. El Haber

Eliane R. El Haber is from Lebanon. She is the Executive Committee Member for the Arab States at the UNESCO SDG4Youth Network, where she worked with UN OSGEY as part of the Youth Advisory Group to help organize the UN Transforming Education Summit Youth Declaration. Eliane is a winner of the 2022 UN ESCWA "Restoring Hope: Beyond War and Suffering" Competition.

She is the founder of G.H.A.D., a not-for-profit that helps students with their academic careers and academic financing; she works on research at the national and regional level focusing on curriculum and education system reforms; and she is a consultant at the Charity Donation Foundation, a non-profit organization working on poverty alleviation. Eliane holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and is currently completing two master's degrees, one in NGO management and the other in international business management.

Najoua Zhar

As an expert in sustainable development with more than 10 years of research and experience in the field, Najoua has a deep understanding of the complexities and interconnectedness of economic growth, social well-being, and environmental protection, and the SDGs in general.

She as worked with NGOs, UNESCO and the private sector and have experience in areas such as Corporate Social Responsibility, climate change mitigation, Green IT, etc.

Her experience as a volunteer project manager with the NGO “The Sustainable Development’s Youth” allows her to work closely with young people on projects related to sustainable development goals. She also provides conferences and sessions about the sustainable development issues and interviews for TV programs."

Tamilade Salami

Temilade Salami is the founder and Executive Director of “EcoChampions”, one of Africa’s largest networks of young environmentalists and activists, leading environmental change through climate education, leadership and advocacy. She has spent the past five years leading a group of over 200 young environmentalists across Africa. In this capacity, she has designed and developed various Climate change programs and projects across 26 African countries. Her work supports the integration of Climate Education into Nigeria's education system, and she has authored two environmental books to bridge the climate education gap in Africa. She holds a master's degree in Environment, Development and Policy from the University of Sussex.

She also launched the Climate Education Leaders Fellowship in Africa, a program that combines knowledge, expertise, and mentorship to prepare and educate the now and next generation of climate leaders. Her work has been featured multiple times on local and international news platforms such as BBC, TVC, and SKY news. She was recommended to help UNESCO co-develop guidelines to support policymakers in integrating climate education into education policies and curricula.

Anoushka Sinha

Anoushka Sinha, is a gender equality advocate, global health activist, STEM student, a UN leader, passionate about working with her community and ensuring everyone has equal access to resources and opportunities. Anoushka has always been passionate about driving change and bringing momentum for people's rights. She has worked with her community since she was ten and has impacted over 15000 children globally and campaigned and held leadership roles with multiple organisations like the United Nations, UNICEF, KidsRights Foundation, GirlUp, ONE Campaign on issues concerning gender inequity, health equity and education.

Anoushka is the recipient of the Diana Award which is the highest accolade a young person can receive for their social work. She is also one of the youngest fellows from India ever to be inducted into the Royal Society Of Arts, London. and shares the title FRSA with fellows like Madam Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens and Professor Gilbert(creator of the astrazeneca vaccine) among others. Anoushka has been a vital part of global change making events and has represented youth voice at the Youth Empowerment In Climate Actions Summit by UNDP Bangkok, UNEP Tunza as an Ambassador, youth activist at UNEP MGCY, young leader at UN ECOSOC, Top 30 at UNDP Youth Co:Lab, she led the only organisation from India to be selected by UN SDSN, represented India at UNESCO SDG4Youth Network, currently working with the UNICEF as a member of the Young People Action Team.


Higher education no longer equips young people to meet the challenges of their time. The Higher Education for Good Foundation proposes to rethink these higher education models. However, beforehand, it is imperative to give voice to young people around the world to better understand their aspirations, the challenges they face, and how we can help them, through education, to meet these challenges.


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Youth Talks is a massive collective intelligence initiative supporting the development of new Higher Education models. It is an inclusive and continuous consultation with open-ended questions about youth aspirations worldwide. We expect to reach over 200 million young people to have tens of thousands contributions. The collected data are analyzed jointly with Bluenove, a technology and consulting company specializing in natural language processing. We transform young people’s stories into concrete and usable knowledge accessible on a dynamic online platform. We are proud to have already entered into more than 40 significant partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholders, such as top universities, world youth organizations, and political institutions.

Opening Statement of the consultation Youth Talks:

Youth Talks is not a questionnaire, nor a survey of opinions, or a one-time initiative.

It is a collective reflection on the expectations and ambitions of you, the youth.

It is the beginning of listening, exchange, and awareness of YOUR place in the common welfare.

It is an opportunity to co-construct a future by and for the youths around the world to better understand your aspirations for the society you wish to build today and tomorrow.


That’s why the Higher Education for Good Foundation is implementing a series of initiatives that allow us to rethink tomorrow’s education models, starting with Youth Talks. This consultation gives you a voice. So if you want to start making a difference in education, take this opportunity to ask about our future and speak freely about your expectations, ambitions, and the role you want to play. We are ready to learn from you.

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